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Established in 1896, Horndale Distillery & Wine Cellars is one of the oldest working vineyards/wineries in the Adelaide region. Located in southern Adelaide suburb of Happy Valley in South Australia, we also offer a unique venue for your WEDDING RECEPTION, CONFERENCE or that SPECIAL PARTY.

Trying to think of a unique Bomboniere to give to your wedding guests that says "Our Wedding"? Phone us for a quote on Bomoniere printed bottles. These 375 ml bottles are filled with your choice of Port or Muscat and is the ideal way to personalise your wedding day and let your guests know they helped in making your day special

You don't need to leave Bombonieres just for weddings.

Put your club or company logo on a bottle or 2 to celebrate that special anniversary or milestone.

Create that unique memento for your employees or club members.

Provide your family members with something special to remember a reunion or birthday.

Available in 375 ml or 750 ml bottles with your choice of Port or Muscat. Contact us for a quote

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